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The growing market

The backstory of Juice Plus

Dan Holzmann on stage starting to talk about the juice plus company.

Dan holzmann: How do you feel, guys? You know, you have a lot of reasons to feel good. Because you guys are just ruling the world right now, you’re just ruling it. Because, you know that Italy is Nr. 2 markets after the US, the Nr. 2 markets in the world. But what is interesting is, that it just happened in the last three years. I mean if you would have been here in the room three years ago I would probably not even say where Italy is. Maybe rank 20. Maybe even 25 and you guys moved in the last 2,5 years from nowhere to be the second biggest market in the world, and that’s amazing. Dan Holzmann is continuing his speech; I know there are a lot of Spanish people here, let me tell you: Spain has a similar story and I want to show you some numbers. I want you to see the numbers like a few facts. Because, you know, you could believe everyone could do nice speeches here on stage and tell you how good you are. But I want to show you some facts. Everything started in 2013. 2013 was the time where I merged a company, where everything came together and we became a global company ( a great juice plus). And 2013 also is where actually the big success of Italy and Spain began. I mean, I’m telling the story a few times where I was traveling to Spain over 17-18 years. Actually with the idea in my head, to tell the manager in Spain, the corporate manager, that we might need to close the market. Because nothing happens. And then some girls started to rock, you saw them on stage before and they have changed everything. Today Spain is number five, the fifth biggest market in the world.


Juice Plus

How Italy and Spain grew

Dan holzmann is speaking; So together Spain and Italy maybe we can slowly pass the US, what do you think Paul, slowly coming closer, coming closer. Let me show you a few numbers. So look: This is a comparison between 2013 to 2017, actually, until today. Starting 2013 until today. You guys grew 300%, are you happy about that?

Of course you didn’t just grow 300% look at that: 600%! 900%! No, actually it’s more: it’s 1091%!

Seeing the full potential juice plus with dan holzmann

There is almost one big market that can beat you guys in Italy, only one. I mean there are markets like Poland, like Israel that are amazing, but they don’t have the size to really show you the way, so the only market that can really beat you in percentage is Spain. So let’s see what Spain did:


Dan holzmann is speaking in Italy

No question, the unstoppable are not bad. But there are some crazy people in Spain that are somehow also unstoppable for Juice Plus, so that’s amazing guys, what should I say. The entire world is looking at you. We have 25 markets worldwide, and everyone is asking: What are those people doing? Why do they move so successfully? And what’s gonna happen in the next three years, in the next four years. And I can tell you one thing guys, you might sit here and you just arrived, I saw around 70% are here the first time. That’s their first convention. And you might think: Oh they had a great success before I came before I was here. But one thing I gonna tells you: We just touched the surface. This people that were here before you, they just prepared the base for you to go really crazy, to really make it. I can promise you that this growth will continue if not even grow, if not even get stronger. The next 3-4 years gonna not to be in any comparison to the past. Because now we have the system, now we have the concept, now we understand what we are doing. Now, these teams can really show you and lead you the way, it’s a different business than 4 years ago. Four years ago it was a test when Paulo started everything. Now it’s almost a guarantee, now you’re the only part of the game that has a question mark, now you’re the only part that could even do it or not do it for himself. There’s no question mark on the company side and there’s no question mark on the team side. See a bit more: I did one thing.


dan holzmann secrets

The secret of being successful by dan holzmann

How to understand the business

So why are we so successful? Because we are innovative. Because we understand what social media means for our industry. And I can tell you I was with Paul in Paris in the World Federation Meeting. And I saw all these companies: The big companies, the M way, and the Avons and the Hebrew lives, and they were sitting on the stage and talking about how can we know a customer? How can we ship to our customers? How can we understand the journey of a customer? How can we use social media to reach the customer and distributors? And Paul and I were looking at each other and said: ok, that’s a waste of time. We are doing it since so many years. So they all looked to us and said it’s incredible how you turned this business, which was kind of a door-to-door business, calling one customer at a time. You turned it 25% growth a year for the last four years, how did you do it?

The secret of being successful by dan holzmann

And the only thing that we say is: We didn’t do it. Our partners did it.

The journey of a customer

They took the business to the next level. They took it to total different speeds. I mean, the business didn’t change, also in the past, you had to talk to somebody or meet somebody or send somebody. Let’s say you hat to talk to him about 7 times until he bought Juice Plus. So in the beginning, you maybe send him, now you may be met him at work. You talked about something about that you’re using Juice Plus, great product. He wanted to know more, you’ve sent him a brochure. A few days later, you’ve sent him a video of a doctor. Then you had to meet him again, you had to invite him for lunch. Then, the 5th meeting, you had to mee the husband too, and maybe in the 6th meeting, you had to invite him to dinner. And the 7th meeting he bought Juice Plus. Let’s assume it’s still happening similar. Maybe not the costs of the lunch, maybe not the driving that you had to do.

new juice plus products

Juice Plus products

The way we connect with people changed

I mean, many of you know Ross Furnari. 25 years ago, Ross was wasting one car a year. After that, he threw the key away. Now Ross might be exceptional, he’s still driving hundred thousand a year. But we don’t have to do that. It became a real business from home, you can do it in your spare time, around the kids, and 10 times faster than Ross did 25 years ago. Because you can reach many more people. Today you do the same that Ross and Ulla did 25 years but you do it instantly. You send a video, you put them in a group. You put them together with other customers, you make another post. People ask what you’re doing, they’re excited about that. You don’t have to hunt them anymore, you just have to collect them. I believe that in our entire industry, where the company that made this transformation the best of all. Nobody took the steps in the last few years like us. And this is why I believe that in this industry we can become the nr. 1 company in the world.


Dan holzmann connecting people

We’re all in the same boat On the same eyesight

People will always ask the same questions. People will always have the same problems, and we have the solution. People will always want to be healthy and try to look young and die as late as possible. People will always ask for a few hundred euros more a month, we have the solution. I’m not talking about expansion today. Now, what about you? Let me tell you: 99% of the people, almost 100% of the people are just not born wealthy, they are not born rich. Many people think I was born rich, I wasn’t born rich. I went through a lot of hustle in my life, a lot of problems. Changing countries, changing languages, bullying at school, fistfights. I was been thrown out of three schools. But somehow I made it, I turn it around because I made a decision and I’m not alone, I’d say almost everyone in the room. If there are 3000 people in the room, maybe 3-5 of you were born rich. The other one took the decision for a change as I did. And it’s not always easy.

I went through a lot of hustle. I actually, at one point lost everything that I had including the faith and the trust of my family. Like some of you. And this is why I have the feeling that some of you’re feeling. I know where you’re coming from, I’m not coming from a military university to you. I’m coming from the same side hight. We’re looking into each other’s eyes. And the entire company works this way. We understand where you come from. We can feel you, we can smell you. And when we do decisions we’re doing it towards that. And I hope you feel it out there. And you’re not the only one, there are many people that went from nowhere and just changed it, even if they were orphans or bullied or thrown out of school but they still make it. And now the question is: And that’s the big question of these 48 hours: What has this to do with you?


Juice Plus innovation by dan holzmann

Grab the chance

You can walk away out of this room and say that was a great thing, I heard amazing people and the product is fine. But if the capsule would be orange or if the CEO would have more hair I would reconsider. Or you could walk out of this room and you could change your life. You could walk out of this room and make the decision that it needs to change your life. Which is not just saying it, which means doing it. Means going to the person that brought you here, your team leader and ask him: What do I have to do to make it happen for myself and how much do you commit to support me on my path and what is if I do ten times more than I did yesterday. Would you give me your hand? Would you support me? Would you inspire me? Would you motivate me? Because I made a huge decision.

I first of all gonna change my life so I’m strong and then when I’m strong I’m gonna change the life of many other. Guys, it’s the time for this decision now. You’re never be inspired so much like now. You’re in Italy, in Rome. That’s the biggest convention this company had in Italy in the last 25 years. We never had this momentum like today, we never had this great product like we have today, we never had these amazing leaders and role models that we have today, now is the time to grab it. Listen to the sign, listen to the voice and start doing it. Thank you, guys!

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