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Dan Holzmann Juice plus CEO

November 30, 2018

Dan Holzmann Juice plus CEO

What we’ve already achieved

I was behind the stage, you guys are just going crazy! I’ve never seen that before! You’re going crazy! I’m not sure it it’s the Italian or is the Spanish team, who’s going crazier here? I think actually the Spanish is a little bit louder than you guys. Spanish, you’re a little bit louder. Italy, you lost zero-one, normally in football you win, but here I think you lost this time. So, I don’t know, but maybe you know yesterday, we had like a Hollywood-Show, you know, like the Oscars, like the best movie, but we didn’t have it for the best movie, we have it for the best distributor, for the most successful distributors. It was the 39 club event, it’s like the creme de la creme, like the best event that you can actually go to during the year. And I mean, the set up was like black tie, everybody was totally beautiful and all the women with the high heels and with the black dress and the guys nice dressed up, and it was like unbelievable. Of course, I was there too. First of all, I would like to see who of you was there yesterday, could you stand up, the ones that were there yesterday? You guys were the best of the last 12 months, 24 months! Amazing, thank you! You know one guy, he got him a recognition as a club 600 member. Club 600, imagine! 2 years ago, he was in club 40, and now he is Club 600, in good 2 years. We talk about vision here. We’re talking about what is possible and what is not possible. Can I do it? Can I not do it? I mean, if you look at him, you will be sure that you can do it too. It’s not like 10 years, 20 years to go to club 600, he did it in 2 years. Two hard-working years, but he did it! From 40 club to club 600. I think we should give him respect, it’s Paulo Moochie! Would you stand up Paolo?

Dan holzmann CEO at Juice Plus

Dan holzmann CEO at Juice Plus

We all must work together

What I would like to see is, I mean, Paolo didn’t go into the club 600 by himself, you agree? You cannot be in club anything by yourself. Even in club one you need somebody to help you. I would like to see all the people in your business team that helped him to become club 600, so at least you must be a qualified business. Could you please stand up everyone that helped him to become club 600? Now you understand, and that’s the most important lesson here, in our business you don’t do it by yourself. In our business, if you want to achieve something, you need to help somebody. At least to go to qualifiers club, to be a qualified business and he will help you to become club 600. If you have enough of those, you become club 600. If you have at least 600 that want to do it, you become club 600. So, by helping somebody, they will actually elevate you to success, that’s a very important thing and you should actually understand it from the beginning. Can I ask you, who is here at his first convention? I have to see because then I know how far I go here with my speech.

at Juice Plus We all must work together

at Juice Plus We all must work together

Different speah by Dan holzmann

The last two years

Guys, this convention is for you! This is why we’re doing that for you! I would say that was about 67% of the room. So maybe I should introduce myself, my name is Dan Holzman, for those that have not been here. I’m together with a big team responsible for Europe and I’m so excited to be here with you! I mean, the the last two years were just phenomenal. I think our company has never seen that before like the last two years. Who felt that? Who felt like his last two years were exceptional? Can I see arms again? What you guys did in the last two years, do you feel like that was exceptional? So, when Rosita asked me to speak about

the future, I thought actually have just one thing to say: Keep on doing what you do! Just keep on doing what you do! Just keep on doing what you do!

Since last 2 years Dan Holzman helped juiceplus to grow

Since last 2 years Dan Holzman helped juiceplus to grow

Who’s creating the future

Because there’s one important thing that you guys need to understand: We are not creating the future, you are creating your own future. If you run fast, we run fast. We try to follow you somehow. If you run slow, we run slow too. The way you run in the last two years were just incredible. I mean we could just make it. It was like you showed us how it really works, you cracked the code! The way you started here in Italy and in Spain was just not too known, I mean, we knew it from England, we knew how it works but you guys, you brought it just to the next level. You took actually the best what you heard in UK and you took it one level higher. The business that is going on here is something unbelievable. Based on customers, it’s a real business, it’s exactly the way it should be. You speak to customers, you motivate them to take the product. And these people, eventually some of them, are deciding to become distributors. Once they become distributors, they’re already customers that love the product. This is exactly how we wish it to be and this is how you work. What I also love is how many women are in this business now. Paolo and I, we come from the old days where there were like just men, most of them. And now to be able to offer this business – I would say 75% of women, young mothers is just unbelievable. It makes it so much more fun for us anyways.

 creating the future of Juice plus

creating the future of Juice plus

2015 was the best year we ever had in our 43 years history. The best year we ever had by far in our 43 years history of this company. You are, and this is something you need to understand, you are a part of it! You just came at the right time! You’re there where the momentum is. Some companies need to wait like 10 years for a momentum, 20 years. Eventually, it never comes. But you just came at the right time and created this momentum. Momentum is something very precious, it’s like a little plant. It’s something that you need to water or something that you need to feed and we already, when we look into 2016, we already see that this year is going to break the record of 2015 by far! Everything is just right! It’s like a puzzle that we maybe waited for years to be, but somehow things are coming right together. The team out there, the way you work together, the way you cooperate team to team. I love to see the unstoppable work with the W Club in Germany and with any club, with the Rhino.

It’s working together

It’s teamwork now, it’s the transfer of knowledge. These are brain tanks that sit together, it’s not any competition. We learn from each other. This is why we grow so fast. Think about it: Italy, about 300 percent of the last year, Spain on average over 200 percent over last year. And it’s not only Facebook, but it’s also you guys! You just got it! You just know

how to treat people out there, you are here for the right reason, you are here because you want to help other people, you want to change your life, you want to be in a healthy environment, you want to help people to find a plan B that could be plan A. It’s because of you! Social media is just one tool! it’s because of you! It’s because you are here for the right thing!

The best year by far

The best year by far

Journey to Dubai

Now, I want to go with you a little bit on a short journey and then I’m finished.

This journey is Dubai 2020. Dubai 2020, how long is that, four years? Now think about it, in Dubai 2020, we’re going to be a 1 billion dollar company. That means, we’re gonna

almost double our size from now until Dubai. In Dubai 2020, we’re gonna have the biggest stage you ever have seen in your life. You’re going to have the biggest stage ever. We’re gonna have about 10 to 15 thousand people there. We’re gonna have about a thousand new national marketing directors in Dubai. That year we’re gonna pay 200 million more in commission than we paid this year. 200 million more in commission we paid this year!

I want you to visionise where you gonna be in Dubai 2020. I want you to make a decision today if you’re gonna go there as a Sales Coordinator or you’re gonna go there as national marketing director. Or you want to be invited to the biggest party of all times, the 39 club event in Dubai.

Take your energy with you

Guys, you make the decision! I want to have a plan with you, a goal, a commitment. Let’s have a four years commitment! Think about Dubai 2020, you take the energy, your success of the last 24 months, you take it into the next four years and I want to know now who is going to be national marketing director or more in Dubai? I want you to stand up if you made a decision, come on, stand up. Who’s going to be a national marketing director?

Guys, get the foot on the gas! Thank you very much!

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About Dan Holzmann

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Juice Plus

How Juice Plus helps families all over the world

November 26, 2018

How Juice Plus helps families all over the world

In this post, Julie is talking about Juice Plus products. Juice Plus has been managed by Dan holzmann from 20 years ago. Thanks for reading our article.

A foundation of good health

Julie Herbst:

Photos, they capture special moments in our lives, help us remember good times and good friends, how we were and how we hope to be. Just as important as the photos we treasure from our past are those we envision for our future. But turning those dreams into reality means having good health to enjoy it.

How Juice Plus helps families all over the world

How Juice Plus helps families all over the world

I’m Julie Herbst. I’m not a paid spokesperson or professional actress. I’m a wife and working mom. And, like you, I understand how much my health and my family’s future depend upon our diet and nutrition. That’s why fruits and vegetables are so important.

Richard E. DuBois, M.D. (Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases)

Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of good health. The human physiology absolutely needs phytonutrients and antioxidants and the only source for them is fruits and vegetables.

Pamela Benitez, M.D. (General Surgery)

We know on a molecular level that fruits and vegetables provide the antioxidants to combat oxidative stress that’s happening every day in our bodies. And if you go and look at the recommendations of the American Cancer Society, the National Institute of Health and look at the food pyramid, they talk about the importance of fruits and vegetables.

Jan Roberto, M.D. (Family Medicine)

There is a multitude of illnesses that have been directly related to oxidative stress: Such as cancer, heart disease, stroke.

The problem we all face

Julie Herbst:

Unfortunately for most of us, there’s a huge gap between what we should eat and what we do eat. So a lot of people turn to vitamin and multivitamin supplements to offset the low levels of fruits and vegetables they consume. But even though Americans spend over 20 billion dollars a year on multivitamin supplements, researchers have found that unlike fruits and vegetables there’s little evidence to suggest any real benefit between taking those multivitamins and preventing chronic disease. So how do you bridge that gap between what you should eat and what you do eat?

20 years ago, a company called NSA introduced an innovative new concept in nutrition. It’s not a multivitamin it’s concentrated whole food based nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in capsule form. And it gives me the added confidence that my family is getting more of the good nutrition they really need every single day.

Our bad eating habits

Jay Martin: (President & Founder of the Juice Plus Company)

As a society we just do not eat enough fresh raw fruits and vegetables, it’s really simple. We thought vitamins were an answer, but we learned that the research on vitamins was mixed at best. We certainly thought juicing was an answer, and it was a decent answer, but there was a lot of trouble attached, a lot of cost attached. And then we discovered that you could extract juice from fruits and vegetables at a low temperature and Juice Plus was a better answer.

Jennifer Myers:

And I know moms across the country are pulling their hair out every day trying to get their kids to eat right.

Toni Olson:

I feel so great as a mom that I can have them start their day with nutrition from broccoli, kale, parsley beets, all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are in Juice Plus.

Julie Herbst:

Over the last 12 years an unprecedented program of independent clinical research published in leading professional journals has demonstrated among other things that taking Juice Plus reduces oxidative stress, helps support the immune system and protect DNA, as well as promotes cardiovascular wellness. There are over 23 medical universities in the United States and around the world that have studied or are studying Juice Plus.

Reginald Fowler, M.D. (General Practitioner)

The research is there, without a doubt. That is what I think as a physician, we look for.

Mitra Ray, Ph.D. (Research Biochemist)

Here is a natural way to improve your health markers that has been clinically tested. This is history in the making.

Juice Plus passes the test!

Bill Sears, M.D. (Pediatrics)

Patients in my practice always asked me: Doctor, what should I take? There are thousands of these supplements being marketed all the time! I say, make it very simple: Show me the science. Is there science behind this product, that shows that, first of all, gets into the bloodstream? Check! When it gets into the bloodstream, does it do good things for the body? Check! If that supplement passes that double test, then take it! Juice Plus passes the test!

Juice Plus passes the test

Juice Plus passes the test

Jay Martin:

We certainly believe that Juice Plus is an experience, not just a product. And that experience extends to the entire family.

Tori Olson:

For my family, it’s gotten us on a serious road to great health.

Kathy Crockett:

And I feel very good, I feel safe. The most precious people in my life take Juice Plus.

Julie Herbst:

So where do you see yourself in the next few years, or where would you like to see yourself? With Juice Plus, the best photos of your life are waiting to be taken.

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Who is Dan Holzmann?

Time for action by Dan Holzmann

Juice Plus

Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

November 20, 2018

Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

Others did it – so can we! The success story of famous people

I know what you’re going through guys. I know that, so what I did is, I looked are the people out there that came from nowhere and still made it, because if one guy came from nowhere and made it that means we all can do it, it’s a rule, no? So, I looked around in the economy in the world of the famous, look at that here, you see one guy, Ralph Lauren. Who knows Ralph Lauren? Everyone! Ralph Lauren was a tie seller, he was selling tied ties in a shop. And then, he decides to create his own ties and he decided to create his own clothes and now he’s one of the richest people in the world. He is worth five point five Billion but he’s coming from nowhere, coming from a poor family.

Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

Or look here, maybe you know this guy: Who has a pair of Ray-Ban glasses? Who has two pairs of Ray-Ban glasses? He was an orphan! He was an orphan and he’s Italian and out of nothing, no support, no lobby, no parents he created the biggest glass manufacturer in the world. Oh, look at this guy! Maybe you know François Pinault. He owns all these brands including Dior, Louis Vuitton, whatever you want. This guy didn’t complete school and he was teased because he was poor. He was teased in school because it was poor! Then he said, I’m gonna show it to them. He went out and created one of the biggest companies in the world that owns Louis Vuitton, Dior, and all these brands. Now he is one of the richest Europeans, one of the richest persons in the world today.

I think I have one more, Larry Ellison, you know this guy? He owns a rack to 55 Billion.  He’s a school dropout. He didn’t go to school he decided he doesn’t need it. He builds one of the biggest companies in the world.

About of Coca-Cola

So it is possible! and then I looked at successful companies. I want to see what are the companies out there that we all know and how much are they turning around in sales. And I took a big one because we are inconsumable.



We drink, we eat our capsules. So I took Coca-cola, okay, not very healthy, but still a big brand. And I looked what did Coca-cola do when in the first year they sold 25 bottles. Now they are selling 1.8 Billion bottles a day. Okay, this is Coca-cola and of course, I thought for myself: what is if you would have 1% of Coca-cola in the old days? Maybe you bought it for 50 euros or 100 euros, that’s how much you spend on a franchise like Juice Plus. You’re a partner of us then. We share our Commission with you, each one of you gets a part of our profits. So you’re like a partner. It’s almost like you would have bought a percentage of Coca-cola in the old days.

Maybe you know that guy that sold his 10% shares in 1976 back to Steve Jobs at Apple for 800 euros, he would have had today 56 Billion. And I’m sure he was like: Yes! 800! He just wanted to pay 700, now I got 800! And today it’s worth 56 Billion!

Dan holzmann and juice plus Instagram

Dan holzmann Facebook

dan holzmann fan website

Juice Plus

Juice Plus Science Institute

November 14, 2018

Introduction to the Juice Plus Science Institute

Juice Plus company has started its winning way by Dan holzmann since 20 years ago.

What the JPSI wants to achieve

From seed to plant to human body. Founded on a rich history of more than 20 years

of objective scientific research, funded by the Juice Plus company:

The Juice Plus Science Institute is dedicated to discovering and unlocking the power of plant-based nutrition. A collaboration with some of the world’s most prestigious scientists and researchers that are helping increase our understanding of the powerful impact that plant-based nutrition can have on human health at every stage of life.

How Juice Plus benefits your life

Introduction to the Juice Plus Science Institute

Interview with Manfred Lamprecht, Director of Clinical Research, Juice Plus Company

Manfred Lamprecht:

I think the mission of the Institute can be answered with four C’s:

To collect scientific data and evidence on plant-based nutrition research, to conduct research on plant-based nutrition, to collaborate with other institutions or academics and to communicate the evidence that can be found.

Why the JPSI was created

There are more than 50,000 edible species of plants around the world and while the body of Clinical Research on plant-based nutrition continues to grow, science has barely scratched the surface of the many ways that plants contribute to human health. That’s why the Juice

Plus Science Institute was created: To help advance and promote the latest discoveries and conclusions from this growing body of research.

The goals of the JPSI

Manfred Lamprecht:

We do not intend that the research will be just limited on Juice Plus, we want to go beyond this: Conducting reviews and on fruit and vegetable intake doing research on seeds and things like that. So the Juice Plus science institute is a perfect combination. It’s pretty unique and it’s really needed and the general public can benefit from it.

Whether you’re a scientist, a health professional or a student of the biological sciences, the Juice Plus Science Institute can provide you with a curated window into the science of plant-based nutrition from seed to plant to the human body.

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Juice Plus

Dan Holzmann talks about Juice PLUS Franchise

November 13, 2018

Dan Holzmann – Juice PLUS Franchise

We remain for what’s extremely essential

My name is Dan Holzmann. I am CEO and leader of the Juice Plus Company. I am happy that you are setting aside the opportunity to become acquainted with our one of a kind business opportunity. That is us (Dan holzmann and Juice Plus), the Juice Plus Company. We remain for individuals, for greater personal satisfaction, for families, for more wellbeing and obviously for more creative quality. We are dynamic in the entire world for a long time. We remain for what is extremely imperative and maintainability is a major point. We offer individuals a genuine option and our main goal is worldwide. We need to motivate individuals for a more beneficial life. Consistently more. Our organization (Dan holzmann and Juice Plus) is proprietor overseen and not controlled by any speculator gathering or monetary establishment. This gives us a high level of adaptability in our choices. We are the Juice Plus Company, from individual to individual. Our fans likewise consider us the organization with heart.

We have an answer: Juice Plus

Juice Plus: Who hasn’t known about this renowned product of the soil containers? The red one and the green one? We are exceptionally glad for our image Juice Plus. The best after foods are grown from the ground for 20 years. Juice Plus is the best-reported result of its kind, as affirmed by driving colleges around the world.. However, Juice Plus is something other than an item: it is a brand that speaks to a decent interest in its very own life.

Regardless of whether you grasp the convenient cases or the pastilles or make a decent figure with our heavenly shakes with Juice Plus Complete is dependent upon you.

Dan Holzmann - Juice PLUS Franchise

Simply envision how all these valuable imperative substances get past your circulation system each morning, consistently. What’s more, your body expresses gratitude toward you promptly with more vitality, a fresher appearance and a higher execution in regular day to day existence. We Dan holzmann and Juice Plus, propel individuals to eat more foods grown from the ground. That is the answer for such a significant number of difficulties since few individuals figure out how to do that in their every day lives, we have a discussion, an answer: Juice Plus.

How the CHS bolsters youngsters and families

Without youngsters there is no future, that’s true. Our CHS, our youngsters’ wellbeing study, has demonstrated that kids’ conduct can change when they take Juice Plus. It is the world’s biggest observational examination and it is difficult to accept, however after just a couple of months more than 80 percent of kids have built up an expanded wellbeing mindfulness. In excess of 60 percent eat more beneficial. This implies they eat less drive-thru food and drink less sugared beverages. The greater part of the youngsters additionally eats more products of the soil.

Dan holzmann and Juice Plus are extremely glad for it. Around one million families have taken an interest to date and thousands more are joining each month.

How the CHS bolsters youngsters and families

Wellbeing, the market of things to come? All things considered, name one greater. We people need to live as far as might be feasible and remain solid in the meantime. We need to look youthful and crisp and incline toward not to need to forfeit anything.

We people have comprehended that we should accomplish something preventive and not sit tight for an affliction. Our lives request a considerable measure from us as far as execution. Individuals essentially must be fit today. An ongoing report in Germany has demonstrated that consistently subject has chosen to practice progressively or to eat more advantageous. Each third even needs to get in shape. The example of overcoming the adversity of Juice Plus demonstrates that additionally in numbers. Since its dispatch, we have been pushing toward offers of USD 10 billion. So it is built up, it persuades and has discovered its specialty, its calling.

By the by, the vast majority of individuals on the planet don’t know Juice Plus yet. Furthermore, we won’t rest until we’ve turned that measurement around.

The main inquiry is: Do you need to be autonomous? In the event that truly, another inquiry may be which alternative do you have? You can play the lottery or acquire, yet it’s not in your grasp.

Own your business

You can purchase a costly establishment, begin your very own business, however, this is related to high venture costs. We are totally persuaded that our Network Franchise is the best choice. Despite the fact that it begins with a Plan B, for some it would already be able to wind up a Plan A. In the event that you remain in the hamster wheel, these desires barely moved toward becoming reality. Regardless of which financial objectives you seek after with us, whether 500, 5’000, or even 50.000 Euros every month, everything is conceivable. It relies upon your very own desires or more all on the individual execution. Interestingly, the organization assumes control everything. From transportation the items to charging and promoting support. You can completely focus on imparting the items to other individuals and building an effective group. Since we deliver the items ourselves and our accomplices offer them straightforwardly, we take out all middle people. That is the reason we can pay out right around 50 percent of our turnover as bonus to our establishment accomplices.

Juice plus business

Juice plus business

The vast majority have a greater number of wants than their month to month compensation permit: they need to have

greater personal satisfaction, additional time with the family, they need to see their kids grow up,

they need to seek after their own fantasies, not somebody else’s. We are unquestionably by all account not the only alternative to accomplish this, yet as I would like to think we are truly outstanding. For a long time we have been demonstrating over and over what incredible open doors we need to enhance individuals’ lives economically.

Dan holzmann group



Where Dan Holzmann come from?

November 7, 2018

Where Dan Holzmann come from?

An inspirational speech! In this event, dan holzmann is talking about how hard it was when he started his business. What happened to him and what were his choices for the future.



Dan’s backstory

I mean, where I come from, many people think, you know, Dan is a businessman and you had always a great life and everything went great. I tell you one thing: I’m coming from an immigration background. My parents were Russian Hungarian. I grew up in a foreign country, you know, we didn’t speak the language. We moved when I was 9 to a new country. I had to learn the language. I was not accepted in school, I didn’t speak a word in German, I couldn’t react to anything, I couldn’t protect myself so I started to beat up the kids. I was 9 and the only thing I could do is I could let my fist speak. I was lucky I was like a head taller than most of the others, maybe I was a little bit unlucky because the guy I hit that laughed the most of me was the son of the teacher. That was very unlucky because they threw me out of the school. They threw me out of three schools.

My life was not so well like I planned it or my parents planned it. After three schools, I started to deliver Pizza. I worked many jobs so it’s not always easy and you were not born, as we say in Germany, with a golden spoon. Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes we are broke.

When Dan started Juice Plus

When I started with Juice Plus, it was like it came from the sky. It came almost from God. The possibilities that we had with Juice Plus, but we also had a tough time there. The first year with Juice Plus, about 25 years ago, we lost three Million before Juice Plus in the first year. I was broke, my family looked at me and said: Dan, you destroyed the family. We will never be able to pay this money back, never ever. You destroyed the family, the future. And I was like 23 years old and I thought: oh my God. And I remember I went to the office at that time and I couldn’t take it. I looked out the window and I thought maybe I should jump, but unfortunately, the office was on the second floor.

an inspirational speech by dan holzmann

So thought, okay, not having any penny and have it broken back is not going to help me. So I put all the things together and somehow we got out of this mud, we got out of that. It’s the first time in the company history that we paid the Commission five days later because I didn’t have the money to pay the Commission. I was on the floor, I was done, and that’s the good thing. This is why I can look into your eyes today. I know where you’re coming from.

I know what some of you are going through and it’s fine because I’ve been there too. So, what happened after? Juice Plus came, and we created one of the most successful company that Switzerland has ever seen. And the years to come, we turn around just in our group.

Unfortunately, Italy was not in that group and Spain either. We turned 1.4 Billion in sales with Juice Plus. My family came back to me and said: Dan, you did a great job, we always knew. You know how that is, you know how it is when the family turns against you. The toughest people to convince is your family, your brother. My sister is a nutritionist, I couldn’t convince her to take Juice Plus. I own this company I couldn’t convince my sister to take Juice Plus. I even told her I gotta give it to her for free, she doesn’t want it. So, you see how tough it is.

Read about Juice plus history

Dan holzmann Team



Dan Holzmann Rock on Vision 2020

November 5, 2018

Dan Holzmann – Rock on – Vision 2020

Introduction and Market of Europe

About the market of Italy and Spain

Dan holzman is talking: Thanks a lot! Thanks! I think you’re just happy to spend a little bit now so and I’m sorry that I don’t speak Italian and Spanish. You know, this language was not very important when I started with Juice Plus. But now it’s different. Do you know that Italy is the number two market in the world? Did you know that Spain is market number five in the world? I tell you, Spain, you’re very close to number four so you’re going to get there, you’re going to get there. I still have a few bets out there that Spain can actually overcome Italy. It’s happening, it’s happening all over Europe and I’m very excited.

Where we are coming from

So yesterday when I was in the 39 Club, I looked around and it was so beautiful, this atmosphere in this room. In the 39 Club was such an amazing evening and then I looked around, I had to hold the speech of course, and I looked around and I thought, wow. most of the people were not even here three years ago, four years ago. Most of the people were not even with Juice Plus three or four years ago and now they come and they are joining the 39 club, you know, three or four years ago, they were maybe still working somewhere else, maybe, you know, housewives or gardeners or managers. Maybe they were even broke, some of them were broke, you know, they didn’t have money, they had depths, some of them came from there, you know. And it’s good for us to remember that, let me get my first slide. 99% of the people are not born rich.

And that’s the amazing thing about Juice Plus: You don’t have to be born rich. I mean, most of the people think, why did it happen to me, you know, why I don’t have a rich uncle, whatever, you know, why do I don’t win in the lottery, you know, sometimes I say if you want to win the lottery, you need to play the lottery at least. You know, most of the people are crying about it that they’re not born rich, but 99.9% of the people are not born rich.

Dan Holzmann and Juice Plus Team


DAN HOLZMANN on the way to the billionaire in a few years?

November 2, 2018

DAN HOLZMANN … on the way to the billionaire (in a few years). – A godfather in pinstripes?

Presentation of the Juice Plus Company

dan holzmann vermögen

dan holzmann vermögen

My name is Dan Holzmann and I am managing partner of the company NS AG.

I have been shaping the success of this company for 20 years with about 20 years ago we started the european expansion. Today we are already very successfully active in prevention in 27 countries, four continents. So we are in the healthcare market, that is the market of the future. We want to communicate health, which means that we actually have a very good mission when you think about it that way. That means we see ourselves as the health apostle, so to speak.

Everyone thinks about their health today and in the future. In the end, it’s the most important thing we have, it’s all we have. Without health, nothing works anymore and everything becomes secondary. That was our insight. We wanted an answer to this problem and that’s exactly where our product comes in. When people start taking Juice Plus, they change their entire behavior. People who deal with us (dan holzmann and juice plus) and move in our environment live healthier lives. The most important thing with us (dan holzmann and juice plus) is that we have people who try this product, are convinced of this product and through their own conviction and euphoria they talk about it. Our most passionate customers correspond to our most successful partners. 

And of course, optimization is very important.

Dan holzmann team