An Interview with Dan Holzmann

October 25, 2018

An Interview with Dan Holzmann about Tennis Foodie Exclusive

Being a tennis competitor is extremely troublesome. Aside from the standard wellness regimen, the essential vitamins and minerals are additionally expected to enhance the execution and prosperity. JuicePlus+ is one of the significant players in North America and Europe in giving the correct nourishment to tennis competitors. It flourishes to remain on the accompanying standards: lifespan, legitimacy, quality, network, straightforwardness and being receptive.

To find out about the organization here is a select meeting with Dan Holzmann, President, and CEO of JuicePlus+ Company Europe

dan holzman interview


TF: When did JuicePlus+ begin? How could you end up engaged with the undertaking?

Dan Holzmann: Juice PLUS+ originally went to the European market in 1993. I started working in coordination in Switzerland and worked my way up to CEO of The Juice PLUS+ Company Europe. En route I opened various European nations and we are presently venturing into Africa and the Middle East, notwithstanding our gigantically fruitful tasks outside of EMEA.

TF: You upheld Ana Ivanovic’s underlying profession in tennis. What influenced you to choose to support her?

Dan Holzmann: To be straightforward I was absolutely gullible! I took a bet. At the time I had no clue how impossible it was that Ana would be really fruitful – she wasn’t positioned in the main 20 in youngsters when I initially met her. In any case, I was so awed by Ana as a man that I couldn’t state “no” when I was acquainted with her and requested to help with her improvement. I professionalized things and procured her first best mentor. We have had some incredible occasions, particularly when Ana achieved No.1 on the planet and won Roland Garros.

TF: What are the advantages of taking JuicePlus+ contrasted with the current vitamins and wellbeing supplements in the market?

Dan Holzmann: We have the world’s most inquired about nutritious enhancement: 36 peer-looked into studies, distributed in driving logical diaries, authenticate the numerous advantages of our containers. Juice Plus+ cases are a long haul interest in one’s wellbeing and are the following best thing to foods grown from the ground. We have over a million clients around the world, getting a charge out of the advantages of Juice PLUS+.

TF: What are the present blockbusters in JuicePlus+?

Dan Holzmann: Our three container mixes – natural product, vegetables and berries – remain our No.1 hits. Our Complete shake blend is likewise exceptionally mainstream, particularly with the individuals who work out and require extra protein. The protein is plant-based and it tastes awesome.

TF: Health supplements are extremely well known in Asia. Does JuicePlus+ have any plans to extend in the Asia Pacific district?

Dan Holzmann: Absolutely. This is one of our fundamental objectives for the following 3-5 years. Stay tuned!

TF: What are your tips for up and coming tennis competitors particularly on the nourishment and health?

Dan Holzmann: I see kids beginning to consider their wellness and sustenance important at a more youthful age nowadays. That is something worth being thankful, for whatever length of time that they are playing tennis for the pleasure – to wind up an expert is extremely intense, and I would not urge anybody to disregard their examinations with the end goal to end up an expert except if they are as of now contending on the world stage. Clearly I would prescribe Juice PLUS+ cases to youthful competitors: likely the most widely recognized advantage I get notification from our clients is the lift that the cases provide for your invulnerable framework, or, in other words, sportspeople, particularly the individuals who habitually travel.

The Dan Holzmann Team


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