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Do it. Feel it. Crave it Juice plus and Dan holzmann effective products

December 4, 2018

One Simple Change with Physical Activity 

Do it. Feel it. Crave it.

David Phillips, MD (Sports Medicine)

The focus for so many people and exercising is indeed to try to lose weight, which is a good thing, but exercising of itself can be so beneficial in so many different ways. And it cracks me up because I’ll be driving to the gym myself in the parking lot. And the way people trying to get the closest spot to the door in the gym in the parking lot. So, what I encourage people, anywhere you’re going, park further away. It has two benefits: Number one, you’re gonna get more exercise. Number two, your car won’t get dinged. I really love the Juice Plus Complete and the Juice Plus capsules together. I have used the analogy that the Juice Plus Complete, which is a balanced shake mix connect as the gasoline that makes your engine run, it fuels your body. But equally as important are the Juice Plus capsules, because in the capsules you get all those tens of thousands of plant nutrients and I like to think of those plant nutrients as the oil that keeps your engine running. Because you can put all the gasoline that you want into a car and not change its oil and that car’s gonna run for a while, but eventually it starts to break down. Our bodies function in a very similar way, so I think it’s the combination of both of those by putting Juice Plus Complete into your diet and then putting the capsules into your diet is an unbeatable combination.

Michael Ewald, DC (Chiropractic Physician)

You know, relieving muscle and joint pain to improving bone density to improving the way you think, your attitude. And I have to tell you, I get frustrated with those folks that say, I just don’t have time. Everybody has 15 minutes a day where they could go out and take a walk, you just need some comfortable clothes and some shoes to wear.

Jan Roberto, MD (Family Medicine)

I’ve seen people that were depressed and not focused and they start exercising and of a sudden they start to look at life differently.

Valerie Miles, MD (Pediatrics)

One simple change with physical activity might be as simple as walking to the end of the driveway and back, and if that’s more than what you do on a daily basis, that’s incredible! That’s a success! The great thing about the Juice Plus capsules in helping people with physical activity is that the body absorbs the whole food nutrition so much better. Juice Plus Complete is a great addition to the Juice Plus capsules when we’re looking at physical activity, because while the capsules provide the micro nutrition that goes to every cell, the Juice Plus Complete shakes provide the macro nutrition.

Matt Brown, Jr., MD (Internal Medicine)

I mean, people kind of have this misunderstanding: That, well, if I’m tired already, that’s gonna make me more tired. It doesn’t! If you get physically acted and you’re fueling yourself right, you’re gonna have more energy.


Richard E. DuBois, MD (Internal Medicine)

It’s fascinating that exercise and diet are complementary. One depends really on the other. If you have poor nutrition, you’re not going to exercise well, and if you’re not exercising well, your nutrition is not going to do you as much good as if you are exercising, because your whole metabolism changes when there’s exercise, your whole metabolism changes when you’ve got good nutrition. So they’re synergistic, they work together.

Mitra Ray, PhD (Research Biochemist)

Most people don’t put what they’re eating as a priority to sustain that exercise regimen. Actually 80% of the equation is what you’re eating and how much produce you’re taking into your system and 20% of the health equation is your exercise regimen. Most people think it’s the other way around and that’s not really true.

Bill Sears, MD (Pediatrics)

Make that one simple change: I’m going to exercise 20 minutes a day for 30 days. And then you feel it: I feel more energy, my joints don’t hurt as much, I have more mental clarity, and then you crave it. That’s the pattern of this one simple change: Do it. Feel it. Crave it.


An Interview with Dan Holzmann

October 25, 2018

An Interview with Dan Holzmann about Tennis Foodie Exclusive

Being a tennis competitor is extremely troublesome. Aside from the standard wellness regimen, the essential vitamins and minerals are additionally expected to enhance the execution and prosperity. JuicePlus+ is one of the significant players in North America and Europe in giving the correct nourishment to tennis competitors. It flourishes to remain on the accompanying standards: lifespan, legitimacy, quality, network, straightforwardness and being receptive.

To find out about the organization here is a select meeting with Dan Holzmann, President, and CEO of JuicePlus+ Company Europe

dan holzman interview


TF: When did JuicePlus+ begin? How could you end up engaged with the undertaking?

Dan Holzmann: Juice PLUS+ originally went to the European market in 1993. I started working in coordination in Switzerland and worked my way up to CEO of The Juice PLUS+ Company Europe. En route I opened various European nations and we are presently venturing into Africa and the Middle East, notwithstanding our gigantically fruitful tasks outside of EMEA.

TF: You upheld Ana Ivanovic’s underlying profession in tennis. What influenced you to choose to support her?

Dan Holzmann: To be straightforward I was absolutely gullible! I took a bet. At the time I had no clue how impossible it was that Ana would be really fruitful – she wasn’t positioned in the main 20 in youngsters when I initially met her. In any case, I was so awed by Ana as a man that I couldn’t state “no” when I was acquainted with her and requested to help with her improvement. I professionalized things and procured her first best mentor. We have had some incredible occasions, particularly when Ana achieved No.1 on the planet and won Roland Garros.

TF: What are the advantages of taking JuicePlus+ contrasted with the current vitamins and wellbeing supplements in the market?

Dan Holzmann: We have the world’s most inquired about nutritious enhancement: 36 peer-looked into studies, distributed in driving logical diaries, authenticate the numerous advantages of our containers. Juice Plus+ cases are a long haul interest in one’s wellbeing and are the following best thing to foods grown from the ground. We have over a million clients around the world, getting a charge out of the advantages of Juice PLUS+.

TF: What are the present blockbusters in JuicePlus+?

Dan Holzmann: Our three container mixes – natural product, vegetables and berries – remain our No.1 hits. Our Complete shake blend is likewise exceptionally mainstream, particularly with the individuals who work out and require extra protein. The protein is plant-based and it tastes awesome.

TF: Health supplements are extremely well known in Asia. Does JuicePlus+ have any plans to extend in the Asia Pacific district?

Dan Holzmann: Absolutely. This is one of our fundamental objectives for the following 3-5 years. Stay tuned!

TF: What are your tips for up and coming tennis competitors particularly on the nourishment and health?

Dan Holzmann: I see kids beginning to consider their wellness and sustenance important at a more youthful age nowadays. That is something worth being thankful, for whatever length of time that they are playing tennis for the pleasure – to wind up an expert is extremely intense, and I would not urge anybody to disregard their examinations with the end goal to end up an expert except if they are as of now contending on the world stage. Clearly I would prescribe Juice PLUS+ cases to youthful competitors: likely the most widely recognized advantage I get notification from our clients is the lift that the cases provide for your invulnerable framework, or, in other words, sportspeople, particularly the individuals who habitually travel.

The Dan Holzmann Team



The secret of being successful by dan holzmann

October 25, 2018

The secret of being successful by dan holzmann

This is the transcription of Dan Holzmann speech in a seminar

How to understand the business

So why are we so successful? Because we are innovative. Because we understand what social media means for our industry. And I can tell you I was with Paul in Paris in the World Federation Meeting. And I saw all these companies: The big companies, the M way and the Avons and the Hebrew lives, and they were sitting on the stage and talking about how can we know a customer? How can we ship to our customers? How can we understand the journey of a customer? How can we use social media to reach the customer and distributors? And Paul and I were looking at each other and said: ok, that’s a waste of time. We are doing it since so many years. So they all looked to us and said it’s incredible how you turned this business, which was kind of a door-to-door business, calling one customer at a time. You turned it 25% growth a year for the last four years, how did you do it?

And the only thing that we say is: We didn’t do it. Our partners did it.


The journey of a customer

They took the business to the next level. They took it to total different speeds. I (dan holzmann) mean, the business didn’t change, also in the past, you had to talk to somebody or meet somebody or send somebody. Let’s say you hat to talk to him about 7 times until he bought Juice Plus. So in the beginning, you maybe send him, now you may be met him at work. You talked about something about that you’re using Juice Plus, great product. He wanted to know more, you’ve sent him a brochure. A few days later, you’ve sent him a video of a doctor. Then you had to meet him again, you had to invite him for lunch. Then, the 5th meeting, you had to mee the husband too, and maybe in the 6th meeting, you had to invite him to dinner. And the 7th meeting he bought Juice Plus. Let’s assume it’s still happening similar. Maybe not the costs of the lunch, maybe not the driving that you had to do.

The way we connect with people changed

I mean, many of you know Ross Furnari. 25 years ago, Ross was wasting one car a year. After that he threw the key away. Now Ross might be exceptional, he’s still driving hundred thousand a year. But we don’t have to do that. It became a real business from home, you can do it in your spare time, around the kids, and 10 times faster than Ross did 25 years ago. Because you can reach many more people. Today you do the same that Ross and Ulla did 25 years but you do it instantly. You send a video, you put them in a group. You put them together with other customers, you make another post. People ask what you’re doing, they’re excited about that. You don’t have to hunt them anymore, you just have to collect them. I believe that in our entire industry, we’re the company that made this transformation the best of all. Nobody took the steps in the last few years like us. And this is why I believe that in this industry we can become the nr. 1 company in the world.

Customer journey map 


Comparison with Coca Cola DAN HOLZMANN talking

October 24, 2018

Dan holzman is talking about Numbers of Coca Cola

You guys all know the company Coca Cola, I guess. Some brown water with sugar, but many people drink it. And I took Coca Cola in comparison, because it’s a beverage, it’s a nutrition. I wanted to compare Coca Cola with Juice Plus, maybe some of you saw those numbers already. So I (dan holzmann) looked how many bottles did Coca Cola sell in the first year. And let’s not forget that Coca Cola is a company that is over 100 years old. They were found in the last century 1892. Funny wise they almost lost 4 times the license over these years. They were out of business over four times and they’re still existing. So let’s see how many bottles they’ve sold. In the first year Coca Cola sold 25 bottles. I’m sure they knew every customer. Only 25 bottles.

dan holzmann on stage

Today they’re selling 1,8 Billion bottles a day. Who drinks that? And I wanted to compare Juisce Plus to it. Juice Plus sold 1200 bottles, boxes, jars in the first year 1984. And today it’s 15’000 products per day. So if you think about what’s gonna happen the next year, because some of you just arrived, some of you just started. What we want to do is certainly we want to beat this number. So do we have potential between 15’000 bottles a day to 1,8 Bilion bottles a day? I believe yes. And it’s just about us to make the decision, nobody else.


Future goals of Juice Plus

We Juice Plus and dan holzmann want actually to reach 1% of the world public. I mean that’s a very modest goal. We want 1% of the public of the human to take Juice Plus products. And some of you might think: Okay, 1% is not a lot. But I tell you, 1%, if we can go to bed at the end of our life, and say that we were in a company were 1% of the people in the world use our product, we should be happy. By the way, this will be 70 million customers. We have a few million customers, but we want to achieve 70 million customers. Who’s sharing this vision with me?