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October 24, 2018

Dan holzman is talking about Numbers of Coca Cola

You guys all know the company Coca Cola, I guess. Some brown water with sugar, but many people drink it. And I took Coca Cola in comparison, because it’s a beverage, it’s a nutrition. I wanted to compare Coca Cola with Juice Plus, maybe some of you saw those numbers already. So I (dan holzmann) looked how many bottles did Coca Cola sell in the first year. And let’s not forget that Coca Cola is a company that is over 100 years old. They were found in the last century 1892. Funny wise they almost lost 4 times the license over these years. They were out of business over four times and they’re still existing. So let’s see how many bottles they’ve sold. In the first year Coca Cola sold 25 bottles. I’m sure they knew every customer. Only 25 bottles.

dan holzmann on stage

Today they’re selling 1,8 Billion bottles a day. Who drinks that? And I wanted to compare Juisce Plus to it. Juice Plus sold 1200 bottles, boxes, jars in the first year 1984. And today it’s 15’000 products per day. So if you think about what’s gonna happen the next year, because some of you just arrived, some of you just started. What we want to do is certainly we want to beat this number. So do we have potential between 15’000 bottles a day to 1,8 Bilion bottles a day? I believe yes. And it’s just about us to make the decision, nobody else.


Future goals of Juice Plus

We Juice Plus and dan holzmann want actually to reach 1% of the world public. I mean that’s a very modest goal. We want 1% of the public of the human to take Juice Plus products. And some of you might think: Okay, 1% is not a lot. But I tell you, 1%, if we can go to bed at the end of our life, and say that we were in a company were 1% of the people in the world use our product, we should be happy. By the way, this will be 70 million customers. We have a few million customers, but we want to achieve 70 million customers. Who’s sharing this vision with me?

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