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Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

November 20, 2018

Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

Others did it – so can we! The success story of famous people

I know what you’re going through guys. I know that, so what I did is, I looked are the people out there that came from nowhere and still made it, because if one guy came from nowhere and made it that means we all can do it, it’s a rule, no? So, I looked around in the economy in the world of the famous, look at that here, you see one guy, Ralph Lauren. Who knows Ralph Lauren? Everyone! Ralph Lauren was a tie seller, he was selling tied ties in a shop. And then, he decides to create his own ties and he decided to create his own clothes and now he’s one of the richest people in the world. He is worth five point five Billion but he’s coming from nowhere, coming from a poor family.

Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

Dan Holzmann Juice Plus future

Or look here, maybe you know this guy: Who has a pair of Ray-Ban glasses? Who has two pairs of Ray-Ban glasses? He was an orphan! He was an orphan and he’s Italian and out of nothing, no support, no lobby, no parents he created the biggest glass manufacturer in the world. Oh, look at this guy! Maybe you know François Pinault. He owns all these brands including Dior, Louis Vuitton, whatever you want. This guy didn’t complete school and he was teased because he was poor. He was teased in school because it was poor! Then he said, I’m gonna show it to them. He went out and created one of the biggest companies in the world that owns Louis Vuitton, Dior, and all these brands. Now he is one of the richest Europeans, one of the richest persons in the world today.

I think I have one more, Larry Ellison, you know this guy? He owns a rack to 55 Billion.  He’s a school dropout. He didn’t go to school he decided he doesn’t need it. He builds one of the biggest companies in the world.

About of Coca-Cola

So it is possible! and then I looked at successful companies. I want to see what are the companies out there that we all know and how much are they turning around in sales. And I took a big one because we are inconsumable.



We drink, we eat our capsules. So I took Coca-cola, okay, not very healthy, but still a big brand. And I looked what did Coca-cola do when in the first year they sold 25 bottles. Now they are selling 1.8 Billion bottles a day. Okay, this is Coca-cola and of course, I thought for myself: what is if you would have 1% of Coca-cola in the old days? Maybe you bought it for 50 euros or 100 euros, that’s how much you spend on a franchise like Juice Plus. You’re a partner of us then. We share our Commission with you, each one of you gets a part of our profits. So you’re like a partner. It’s almost like you would have bought a percentage of Coca-cola in the old days.

Maybe you know that guy that sold his 10% shares in 1976 back to Steve Jobs at Apple for 800 euros, he would have had today 56 Billion. And I’m sure he was like: Yes! 800! He just wanted to pay 700, now I got 800! And today it’s worth 56 Billion!

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