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What is the future of Juice Plus+ company?

December 21, 2018

What is the future of Juice Plus+ company?

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Fantastic! Good morning! It’s absolutely amazing to be here in front of 3,100 people from Italy and Spain and the Juice Plus family. It’s an amazing privilege to be here to represent the company in front of you all. I have the privilege to talk to you about Juice Plus and what Juice Plus means and who Juice Plus is as a business. It’s just the start for your day. You have an amazing event planned for you today, I’ve looked at the agenda, it’s fantastic! With great recognition and some really amazing speakers for today. So I’ll start by introducing the company to you. Who is Juice Plus? We have a mission. The mission of our company is to inspire healthy living around the world.


Juice Plus+

And to do that, we have six core beliefs: Longevity, authenticity, quality, community, simplicity, and approachability. Now I’m going to refer to each one of those in more detail, but this is the beliefs that we and all the Pitts members of the company go to when their boss is away. If they’re thinking about how to take decisions we focus on these core beliefs when making decisions for our business.

Juice Plus+ Longevity

  1. Martin is an example of longevity. J. Martin is our founder. He’s the American founder based in Memphis, Tennessee who created this business 48 years ago. He started the business with a 500 dollar investment and since that time we have turned over billions. And this is all down to the ingenuity and talents of that man Mr. J. Martin. Longevity. What else does longevity mean to us as a company? Longevity means personal growth. Personal growth for you as individuals and personal growth for every member of the Juice Plus community. Personal growth can mean many things to you, depending on what you want to achieve in your life. But we, more than anything, consider ourselves to be a personal growth company. Longevity also means embracing the future. Dan Holtzman is going to be speaking to you later on today and we have a five-year plan for our business. We have an amazing plan which we are constantly developing and developing. We see over the next five years how we can change, move this business forward and create what we call a hybrid between economics and direct sales. We make ourselves, we plan to make Juice Plus in the future a hybrid of the two. Like the Uber of healthy living. So we have a five-year plan for the transition of this company in towards e-commerce. That’s longevity! Longevity also means stability. We have, in our organization we’re represented in 28 countries, we have over 500 employees in 12 offices around the world. We have been here for 48 years and we’re here to stay. So in addition to that slide, I have some new information, which is as of last month the Juice Plus European business represents 56% of the global turnover. Thank you! That is amazing! To think that that has been achieved pretty much over the last four years and a lot of that is down to the businesses we have here in Spain and Italy. That’s a pretty phenomenal statistic. Longevity, embracing the future, state of the art. We are about to launch this, this is a sneak preview. We are about to launch in the next few months. We’re about to launch a brand new customer platform which is gonna have a whole new way for you to interact with your customers. We’re in testing right now. It’s being launched in demo face and then it will be launched next year and we launched out to all of you. But that’s a sneak peek gone. It’s about to be launched in the next few months that whole new customer platform.

Juice-Plus+ Longevity

Juice Plus+ Authenticity

What else? Authenticity. What does that mean? Authenticity means that we as a company must live up to what we say that we’re going to do. This is a picture taken in our corporate retreat, a club 100 retreat that we had in Venice a few months ago, where the top leaders of the company all came together to celebrate success. But what did we do during that period? We didn’t just celebrate success. Something else that we did is, we spent an afternoon together packing 20,000 meals which we sent to Zimbabwe. That tells you about us, who we as a company are and who we are trying to be. These are some of the kids that receive the parcels that we send to them in Zimbabwe last month. And it brings me on to children.

Children are the future. And part of our authenticity is to focus on our future, focus on children. And I can hear and see many of them here today. We have something called the children’s health study. The children’s health study is a program that no other organization of our type has. The CHS is a program where we have over a million people involved in a survey, which is the most comprehensive survey about children’s health in the world. it’s something that we do. And we are promoting that, in the next six months, we will be pushing harder to introduce to you and explain to you the benefits of CHS to your business. We’ve done the statistics. If you work with CHS, you can earn as much as four times as much as you do with single product sales. So we want to bring this to you in more detail it’s about who we are, our authenticity.

Juice-Plus+ Authenticity

Juice Plus+ Authenticity

Juice Plus+ Quality

Quality. We are sure that when we release our products when we launch a new product, we have gone to extreme detail to ensure that every aspect of that product is leading-edge.

It means we can’t launch products in a few months like other companies. We take a lot of time to ensure that what we do is the cutting edge in the industry. Now sometimes it means that we have a little disagreement with the authorities like in Italy, where they didn’t want us to use raspberry seed oil. so we’ve delayed the launch of a meager until the spring. But we are doing this, we have to do this! We want to be leading-edge for this business! So our products are the best quality products that you can find. A little bit later today you’re going to have Manfred Lambrecht who’s going to be speaking to you today, he’s a director of clinical research and he’s going to tell you more information about, not just the products, but the fact that we have over 35 clinical research documents, which can be utilized and should be utilized more in the promotion of the products. It is something that we have that other companies just don’t have.


Dan holzmann Juice Plus products

Juice Plus+ Community

The community is all about you. Healthy living takes a lot more than a healthy body. It takes the community of like-minded friends with a common purpose and Juice Plus we believe in this extended community, not just the company, not just our partners, but outside. We believe in massive relationships between the company and yourselves, the franchise partners. We believe in relationships between yourself and your customer and the company and the customer. We are developing the systems and processes that we need to have in place to enable and ensure a better quality of the relationship between these parties.

Now events like this one are also the foundation of community. So the fact that we have over 3,000 people here today shows how important community is to our business. We had 4,500 people in Freiburg last month, that’s how important community is for our business. We’ve sold out all the tickets for our next event in Salzburg and our next event in Birmingham. The community is important! And we’re going to bring more of this to you. Our vice president of sales for Europe, Mr. Simon Bowler will be rolling out more corporate sponsors events during next year and that’s going to be something to, once again, strengthen the community of these three relationships within our business.


Juice-Plus+ Community

Something else that’s coming up for next year: We’re gonna have new influences joining our business: Digital influences, non-digital influences. We are going to ramp up a, let’s call it positive press or positive PR for our business going forward. Ensure there are a lot more people out there in the industry, outside of the industry talking about Juice Plus in a positive way. So next year is going to be our year from influences. And you’ll start to see these people joining our business. In fact, today we have one of the influences on stage later on.

Juice Plus+ Simplicity

Simplicity; one of our core beliefs. It is vital! What we say is, you share the mission that is Juice Plus and let us take care of everything else. We’re a growing business. We will always have little tweaks that we need to do. But we are building a fantastic professional team inside the Juice Plus company, of a level that we’ve never seen before, to ensure that we can deliver to you a lot more than you’ve ever had before: To make it simple. You share the Juice Plus mission and we’ll take care of everything else.

Juice Plus at your service. This is a great photograph. We took this in Poland in June. This is every employee of the Juice Plus company in Europe. We had a corporate event in Poland in June and all the members of the team came together so that we could get to know each other and foster that community that is Juice Plus. These people here are here for you. They want to hear from you if you have some issues. They want to hear from you if you are happy. It’s all about communicating with us. We are at your service and that includes me. I’m at your service! If you need me, I am there for you. That’s my email address. If you need to contact me, please feel free to reach out and we’re there for you.

Juice Plus+ Simplicity

Juice Plus+ Simplicity

That’s really the core that is Juice Plus. We’re based on these core beliefs. But Juice Plus has been growing phenomenally over the last four years. We have achieved an annual growth of around twenty-five percent a year for the last four years. So we are now in the top five in Europe in this business.

But that’s not enough! That’s not enough! We have a plan! We have a strategic plan

to take us to number one. But being, that we’re growing so fast, we have the ability to attract talent as we have never attracted before. And I have the privilege today to introduce to you one of the people who we’ve recently hired his name is Alexander Quello. Alexander is joining us as the director of legal & compliance. He has got some significant global experience in this area. As we all know, especially here in Italy and in Spain, we understand the importance of compliance to our business. Making sure that we protect the longevity of our company. So we want to change the way you see compliance, rather that we could have compliance being a policy of the organization, we’re gonna make compliance be far more communicative with you. If you need some help, they’ll help you. If you need some

training, they’re training you. So we have started this process of transition with the hiring of Mr. Alexander Quello, director of compliance and legal. I’d like to welcome him to the stage. Thank you very much!


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