DAN HOLZMANN on the way to the billionaire in a few years?

November 2, 2018

DAN HOLZMANN … on the way to the billionaire (in a few years). – A godfather in pinstripes?

Presentation of the Juice Plus Company

dan holzmann vermögen

dan holzmann vermögen

My name is Dan Holzmann and I am managing partner of the company NS AG.

I have been shaping the success of this company for 20 years with about 20 years ago we started the european expansion. Today we are already very successfully active in prevention in 27 countries, four continents. So we are in the healthcare market, that is the market of the future. We want to communicate health, which means that we actually have a very good mission when you think about it that way. That means we see ourselves as the health apostle, so to speak.

Everyone thinks about their health today and in the future. In the end, it’s the most important thing we have, it’s all we have. Without health, nothing works anymore and everything becomes secondary. That was our insight. We wanted an answer to this problem and that’s exactly where our product comes in. When people start taking Juice Plus, they change their entire behavior. People who deal with us (dan holzmann and juice plus) and move in our environment live healthier lives. The most important thing with us (dan holzmann and juice plus) is that we have people who try this product, are convinced of this product and through their own conviction and euphoria they talk about it. Our most passionate customers correspond to our most successful partners. 

And of course, optimization is very important.

Dan holzmann team

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