Dan Holzmann Rock on Vision 2020

November 5, 2018

Dan Holzmann – Rock on – Vision 2020

Introduction and Market of Europe

About the market of Italy and Spain

Dan holzmanĀ is talking: Thanks a lot! Thanks! I think you’re just happy to spend a little bit now so and I’m sorry that I don’t speak Italian and Spanish. You know, this language was not very important when I started with Juice Plus. But now it’s different. Do you know that Italy is the number two market in the world? Did you know that Spain is market number five in the world? I tell you, Spain, you’re very close to number four so you’re going to get there, you’re going to get there. I still have a few bets out there that Spain can actually overcome Italy. It’s happening, it’s happening all over Europe and I’m very excited.

Where we are coming from

So yesterday when I was in the 39 Club, I looked around and it was so beautiful, this atmosphere in this room. In the 39 Club was such an amazing evening and then I looked around, I had to hold the speech of course, and I looked around and I thought, wow. most of the people were not even here three years ago, four years ago. Most of the people were not even with Juice Plus three or four years ago and now they come and they are joining the 39 club, you know, three or four years ago, they were maybe still working somewhere else, maybe, you know, housewives or gardeners or managers. Maybe they were even broke, some of them were broke, you know, they didn’t have money, they had depths, some of them came from there, you know. And it’s good for us to remember that, let me get my first slide. 99% of the people are not born rich.

And that’s the amazing thing about Juice Plus: You don’t have to be born rich. I mean, most of the people think, why did it happen to me, you know, why I don’t have a rich uncle, whatever, you know, why do I don’t win in the lottery, you know, sometimes I say if you want to win the lottery, you need to play the lottery at least. You know, most of the people are crying about it that they’re not born rich, but 99.9% of the people are not born rich.

Dan HolzmannĀ and Juice Plus Team

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