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December 4, 2018

One Simple Change with Physical Activity 

Do it. Feel it. Crave it.

David Phillips, MD (Sports Medicine)

The focus for so many people and exercising is indeed to try to lose weight, which is a good thing, but exercising of itself can be so beneficial in so many different ways. And it cracks me up because I’ll be driving to the gym myself in the parking lot. And the way people trying to get the closest spot to the door in the gym in the parking lot. So, what I encourage people, anywhere you’re going, park further away. It has two benefits: Number one, you’re gonna get more exercise. Number two, your car won’t get dinged. I really love the Juice Plus Complete and the Juice Plus capsules together. I have used the analogy that the Juice Plus Complete, which is a balanced shake mix connect as the gasoline that makes your engine run, it fuels your body. But equally as important are the Juice Plus capsules, because in the capsules you get all those tens of thousands of plant nutrients and I like to think of those plant nutrients as the oil that keeps your engine running. Because you can put all the gasoline that you want into a car and not change its oil and that car’s gonna run for a while, but eventually it starts to break down. Our bodies function in a very similar way, so I think it’s the combination of both of those by putting Juice Plus Complete into your diet and then putting the capsules into your diet is an unbeatable combination.

Michael Ewald, DC (Chiropractic Physician)

You know, relieving muscle and joint pain to improving bone density to improving the way you think, your attitude. And I have to tell you, I get frustrated with those folks that say, I just don’t have time. Everybody has 15 minutes a day where they could go out and take a walk, you just need some comfortable clothes and some shoes to wear.

Jan Roberto, MD (Family Medicine)

I’ve seen people that were depressed and not focused and they start exercising and of a sudden they start to look at life differently.

Valerie Miles, MD (Pediatrics)

One simple change with physical activity might be as simple as walking to the end of the driveway and back, and if that’s more than what you do on a daily basis, that’s incredible! That’s a success! The great thing about the Juice Plus capsules in helping people with physical activity is that the body absorbs the whole food nutrition so much better. Juice Plus Complete is a great addition to the Juice Plus capsules when we’re looking at physical activity, because while the capsules provide the micro nutrition that goes to every cell, the Juice Plus Complete shakes provide the macro nutrition.

Matt Brown, Jr., MD (Internal Medicine)

I mean, people kind of have this misunderstanding: That, well, if I’m tired already, that’s gonna make me more tired. It doesn’t! If you get physically acted and you’re fueling yourself right, you’re gonna have more energy.


Richard E. DuBois, MD (Internal Medicine)

It’s fascinating that exercise and diet are complementary. One depends really on the other. If you have poor nutrition, you’re not going to exercise well, and if you’re not exercising well, your nutrition is not going to do you as much good as if you are exercising, because your whole metabolism changes when there’s exercise, your whole metabolism changes when you’ve got good nutrition. So they’re synergistic, they work together.

Mitra Ray, PhD (Research Biochemist)

Most people don’t put what they’re eating as a priority to sustain that exercise regimen. Actually 80% of the equation is what you’re eating and how much produce you’re taking into your system and 20% of the health equation is your exercise regimen. Most people think it’s the other way around and that’s not really true.

Bill Sears, MD (Pediatrics)

Make that one simple change: I’m going to exercise 20 minutes a day for 30 days. And then you feel it: I feel more energy, my joints don’t hurt as much, I have more mental clarity, and then you crave it. That’s the pattern of this one simple change: Do it. Feel it. Crave it.

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