The secret of being successful by dan holzmann

October 25, 2018

The secret of being successful by dan holzmann

This is the transcription of Dan Holzmann speech in a seminar

How to understand the business

So why are we so successful? Because we are innovative. Because we understand what social media means for our industry. And I can tell you I was with Paul in Paris in the World Federation Meeting. And I saw all these companies: The big companies, the M way and the Avons and the Hebrew lives, and they were sitting on the stage and talking about how can we know a customer? How can we ship to our customers? How can we understand the journey of a customer? How can we use social media to reach the customer and distributors? And Paul and I were looking at each other and said: ok, that’s a waste of time. We are doing it since so many years. So they all looked to us and said it’s incredible how you turned this business, which was kind of a door-to-door business, calling one customer at a time. You turned it 25% growth a year for the last four years, how did you do it?

And the only thing that we say is: We didn’t do it. Our partners did it.


The journey of a customer

They took the business to the next level. They took it to total different speeds. I (dan holzmann) mean, the business didn’t change, also in the past, you had to talk to somebody or meet somebody or send somebody. Let’s say you hat to talk to him about 7 times until he bought Juice Plus. So in the beginning, you maybe send him, now you may be met him at work. You talked about something about that you’re using Juice Plus, great product. He wanted to know more, you’ve sent him a brochure. A few days later, you’ve sent him a video of a doctor. Then you had to meet him again, you had to invite him for lunch. Then, the 5th meeting, you had to mee the husband too, and maybe in the 6th meeting, you had to invite him to dinner. And the 7th meeting he bought Juice Plus. Let’s assume it’s still happening similar. Maybe not the costs of the lunch, maybe not the driving that you had to do.

The way we connect with people changed

I mean, many of you know Ross Furnari. 25 years ago, Ross was wasting one car a year. After that he threw the key away. Now Ross might be exceptional, he’s still driving hundred thousand a year. But we don’t have to do that. It became a real business from home, you can do it in your spare time, around the kids, and 10 times faster than Ross did 25 years ago. Because you can reach many more people. Today you do the same that Ross and Ulla did 25 years but you do it instantly. You send a video, you put them in a group. You put them together with other customers, you make another post. People ask what you’re doing, they’re excited about that. You don’t have to hunt them anymore, you just have to collect them. I believe that in our entire industry, we’re the company that made this transformation the best of all. Nobody took the steps in the last few years like us. And this is why I believe that in this industry we can become the nr. 1 company in the world.

Customer journey map 

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