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Success tips from Juice Plus

January 8, 2019

Experience of 27 years

Wow! Yeah, that was the Juice Plus energy! I could feel it! Maximiliano, what a guy to follow! Wasn’t he amazing? What a great story! Let’s give that guy a round of applause again, because he’s still behind stage. Let him hear you! So, today I wanted to share some top 10 tips that I’ve picked up over the past 27 years with the company what I call was the Victorian times in 1990, it felt like it. I got involved when I was 4 years old in the company, feels like that as well. But I want to talk about some tips that I have seen from some amazing successful people over the years. People like Paolo Moochie. People like Stefano Deauville. People like the Oro twins. What sets those guys apart from the people that just do OK? There’s ten top tips that I’ve seen that I’ve pulled out over those 27 years, where I’ve had like a helicopter view, looking down on these people. So do you want to hear them? So let’s get started. Let’s look at this thing!

Success tips from Juice Plus

Three top things

I believe with Juice Plus you have got the best vehicle in your life. Who agrees with that? But not everybody knows that! I want to give you these points and we see these people that get to the top for different reasons, but they’re different people. Some people are mums, some people are accountants, some people are tall, some people are small, some people have got spots, haven’t got spots. There’s different types of people! What separates these types of people to get to the top of our business? I think if you look at it, there’s three things: Number one is the company Juice Plus. The Juice Plus company, I believe, is not perfect, but we will never ever let you down. We’re always there for you and we’re also always striving to do better. What about the product Juice Plus? Juice Plus will never ever, ever let you down. So the third thing is probably the only thing that’s going to let you down: It’s you! It’s looking in the mirror and going: Okay, what am I going to do? What am I going to do with this amazing vehicle? Where do I want to get? How much effort do I want to put in each week, each hour, each day, each minute? And what do I want out of this for myself?

I believe with Juice Plus you have got the best vehicle in your life.

Success is not a Solo Thing.

Blood stream of Juice Plus

Next one is events. Who would have liked to bring an extra five people here with them this weekend? Put your hands up! Look around the room, just to look around the room! Everybody that’s got their hand up. Why? Because events are the lifeblood of our business! You could put the most negative, skeptical person on that front row for one and a half days, and they will leave that room and they’ll go: Where do I sign the business? How do I get going? That’s the power of these events! We always say: If you’re having a bad week, you need the meeting, If you’re having a good week, the meeting needs you.

Bloodstream of Juice Plus

At Juice Plus Together we can make it

You could feel the pain on Derek’s face. And then when his father came out from the audience to put his arm around him and said: Son, let’s do this together!

And he would have crawled on his hands and feet, whatever it took to get over that finish line. He was determined to do whatever was going to be and that is my message today: Our business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Your journey is not the same as everybody else’s. It might take you five years to go an MD, it might take you ten years to go an MD, who cares? Everybody in this room can go presidential marketer. Every single person! This is my 84th convention in my 27 years and this has to be I probably would say one of the most special conventions. Because I can just feel something happening in the atmosphere, in the air. And it’s gonna be a bit like a Tsunami. You know a Tsunami? You guys are getting on to another level of a business Tsunami that’s happening in this room, this weekend. So my message is: Never ever, ever give up! Thank you!

At Juice Plus Together we can make it

Top 10 Success Tips

The traits of a leader

Set your goals

So, number one, all these successful people have got huge, huge goals. Doesn’t matter who you see in life, whether it’s Richard Branson, whether it’s Steve Jobs, whether it’s Paolo Meucci, whether it’s Stefano de Bologna. These guys have got huge goals which generally are always written down. Alex Hamer Webb who you saw on stage yesterday, 28 years in the company, when he started, he drew a picture of a rhinoceros on his ceiling in his bedroom. So when he woke up in the morning all he saw was a rhinoceros. That was the first thing he saw. And his message was: Charge! That’s what a rhinoceros does. Nobody’s going to stop me getting to the top. That was his goal and that was his vision that he put down there every day. So, successful people have got huge, huge goals which are written down. Now, successful people got what generally one thing that you can’t really put inside your team and that is desire. It’s not something you can go to the chemist or you go to the shop or you can buy off the internet right and get an injection of desire into your body you go: Oh great! I’ve got some new desire now and it’s working! You’ve either got it or you haven’t. And that desire will get you through every hurdle or obstacle that comes in front of you in your life. Why? Because it’s in there and it just will not go out. You know what I mean?

all these successful people have got huge, huge goals.

Be a person you can follow

Next one is, I think this is an easy one: Product. You have got to become a product of the product. So, if I sliced you open with a scalpel and looked inside you, you would have Juice Plus stamped on your organs. That would be the belief that you have got in Juice Plus. So you’ve got to become a product to the product so people look at you and go: Actually, I want to be like you. You are a role model, you’re drinking more water, you’re doing more exercise, you look amazing, I want to look like you and that’s what people want to do. So you’re going to become a huge product to the product day-in day-out.

Be a person you can follow

Your group depends on you

Next one! This is an important one: The speed of the group is dictated by you, by the leader. If you’re going to sit at home and watch the television at night in the week, your team will do the same. If you don’t do zoom calls, you don’t do Facebook lives, your team will do exactly the same. And this is not easy being a leader because it could be very lonely. It’s a lot easier in this business because why? You’ve got five people above you that have got a vested interest in your success that want to work together as a team. So, not easy.


Struggles on the way

Next one! Success, you’ve probably seen this, is not a straight line. It’s pretty much a squiggly line going up and down. So all those PMDs we saw across stage earlier have gone through massive and huge adversity, you heard the stories, emotional stories, to get to the top. It wasn’t easy. I mean, all sorts of things happening that was going to stop them moving forward. But they said: No, get out of the way! So what I’m saying here is that our business pretty much mirrors life: One minute you’re up, the next minute you’re down, one minute you’re up, it’s like a roller coaster. That is our business, but as a leader you get used to that over a period of time. In the early days, when you’re a Baby Leader in the business and something which is negative, might be a family member or someone that says something like: You will never do this! You’ll probably quit and go to bed for a week and do nothing again. But when you’re a PMD, somebody hits you with negativity, it’s like straight over the head. It doesn’t even do anything. So you’ve got to build your muscles inside you over time. That’s why you’re here, about all this amazing personal growth, where people become this amazing, amazing human beings.

Struggles on the way

Unshakable belief

As I said, I think it’s easy to have this one, is to have unshakable belief in the company. I’ve got unshakable belief. Why? I know all the management team. I’ve been with the company 27 years, it’s 47 years old. Is this company here to stay? Of course it is! Without doubt! What about our product? 35+ scientific studies. We spend over a Million dollars a year on studies, we have the best-selling nutritional supplement, whole food supplement in the world! We’re number one! But what you’ve got to do is, you better surround yourself by positive people that want to lift you up, not push you down. Sometimes we’ve got people in our families that wanna push us down. Why? Because generally, they don’t understand what we have, they love you and they want to protect you. But you’ve got to get this leadership around you that are strong.

Unshakable belief

Fill your mind with positivity

Then this: Personal development. Somebody said to me years ago: If you’re listening to the radio in your car, that is called chewing gum for the ears. It’s not good! You want to be listening to personal development. Jim Rohn, the Anthony Robbins type guys of this world, where you’re feeding your mind full of positive inspirational messages that make you feel strong.

Don’t overthink

Next one! Generally, if you’re coming from an academic background, who has a degree in the room? Who’s been to university? Put your hand up if you’ve been to university. A lot of people! Generally, if you’re academic, got a good brain, it’s very easy to overcomplicate this business. The key to do it is to make it what we call the KISS principle, which means: Keep

it simple stupid. So what you’re doing, the housewife can do or the mechanic, or your cleaner in the house, or your gardener. They can look at you and go: I can do what she does or what he does! It’s simple! What we’re not looking for in our business, and that’s I think why I love our business, is, we’re not looking for special people. We are looking for a special effort! It’s a special effort that gets you to the top of this business. We’ve got 24 hours in a day, doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to university, not been at a university, can’t read, can’t write, we all have 24 hours in one day. Everybody’s got the same! What I love


about this, is our business can be very much part-time and the successful people that I see that are working 10 hours 15 hours a week doing their Juice Plus business, the ones that are successful generally treat that time very carefully and they’re making sure that they are

doing the income-producing activities. And that’s things that get you to the top, talking to people, moving the product on, putting events together, doing zoom calls, doing Facebook lives; They are all income producing activities. If we look at all the successful people in life, I mean, who likes autobiographies? Who likes reading about successful people, put your hand up! Quite a few people. I mean, it’s great, Why? Because you can really pull little top tips from those people and go: Do you know what? I like that, I’m gonna do that! I’m gonna start doing that tomorrow. So you’ve really got to become this student and bit like a sponge, where you take all that information on board and you become this stronger person.

Be a leader, not a boss

Next one! Great leaders are never ever selfish. They always think about other people in the team. They always come first. If you look at all the successful NMDs that came across here today, a huge amount, all they’re thinking about is: Who can I help, pull up in my team? It’s not about them, it really isn’t. So if you’ve got an ego, you need to get rid of that as quick as you can and you’ve got to look in the mirror and say: What can I do for other people?

It’s what John Paul Getty said years ago, a rich billionaire, oil billionaire: He said: I’d rather have a percentage of a hundred people’s efforts than a hundred percent of my own effort. You’ve got to become a master of dealing with people. Now, to finish off, I’ve got something here, a short video. And I’d like you to think about your journey in life to where you are today,

here at this event. We all go through lots of different challenges. Some others treat them differently to others, but I want you to think, when you’re watching this video, about some of those real difficult moments that you’ve had in your life. Where you’ve really, really had to dig deep, to get in touch with yourself and to be super, super strong. We’ve all had them. And it can even make your weaker person or it can make you a stronger person. So it’s a short video from the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. And it’s a guy that was going for a gold medal, and this race did not work out quite as he wanted after five years of training. But he never lost sight of getting over the winning line. So let’s go and show you this short video here.

Juice Plus Top 10 Success Tips
Juice Plus

What is the future of Juice Plus+ company?

December 21, 2018

What is the future of Juice Plus+ company?

A different event from Juice Plus+

Fantastic! Good morning! It’s absolutely amazing to be here in front of 3,100 people from Italy and Spain and the Juice Plus family. It’s an amazing privilege to be here to represent the company in front of you all. I have the privilege to talk to you about Juice Plus and what Juice Plus means and who Juice Plus is as a business. It’s just the start for your day. You have an amazing event planned for you today, I’ve looked at the agenda, it’s fantastic! With great recognition and some really amazing speakers for today. So I’ll start by introducing the company to you. Who is Juice Plus? We have a mission. The mission of our company is to inspire healthy living around the world.


Juice Plus+

And to do that, we have six core beliefs: Longevity, authenticity, quality, community, simplicity, and approachability. Now I’m going to refer to each one of those in more detail, but this is the beliefs that we and all the Pitts members of the company go to when their boss is away. If they’re thinking about how to take decisions we focus on these core beliefs when making decisions for our business.

Juice Plus+ Longevity

  1. Martin is an example of longevity. J. Martin is our founder. He’s the American founder based in Memphis, Tennessee who created this business 48 years ago. He started the business with a 500 dollar investment and since that time we have turned over billions. And this is all down to the ingenuity and talents of that man Mr. J. Martin. Longevity. What else does longevity mean to us as a company? Longevity means personal growth. Personal growth for you as individuals and personal growth for every member of the Juice Plus community. Personal growth can mean many things to you, depending on what you want to achieve in your life. But we, more than anything, consider ourselves to be a personal growth company. Longevity also means embracing the future. Dan Holtzman is going to be speaking to you later on today and we have a five-year plan for our business. We have an amazing plan which we are constantly developing and developing. We see over the next five years how we can change, move this business forward and create what we call a hybrid between economics and direct sales. We make ourselves, we plan to make Juice Plus in the future a hybrid of the two. Like the Uber of healthy living. So we have a five-year plan for the transition of this company in towards e-commerce. That’s longevity! Longevity also means stability. We have, in our organization we’re represented in 28 countries, we have over 500 employees in 12 offices around the world. We have been here for 48 years and we’re here to stay. So in addition to that slide, I have some new information, which is as of last month the Juice Plus European business represents 56% of the global turnover. Thank you! That is amazing! To think that that has been achieved pretty much over the last four years and a lot of that is down to the businesses we have here in Spain and Italy. That’s a pretty phenomenal statistic. Longevity, embracing the future, state of the art. We are about to launch this, this is a sneak preview. We are about to launch in the next few months. We’re about to launch a brand new customer platform which is gonna have a whole new way for you to interact with your customers. We’re in testing right now. It’s being launched in demo face and then it will be launched next year and we launched out to all of you. But that’s a sneak peek gone. It’s about to be launched in the next few months that whole new customer platform.

Juice-Plus+ Longevity

Juice Plus+ Authenticity

What else? Authenticity. What does that mean? Authenticity means that we as a company must live up to what we say that we’re going to do. This is a picture taken in our corporate retreat, a club 100 retreat that we had in Venice a few months ago, where the top leaders of the company all came together to celebrate success. But what did we do during that period? We didn’t just celebrate success. Something else that we did is, we spent an afternoon together packing 20,000 meals which we sent to Zimbabwe. That tells you about us, who we as a company are and who we are trying to be. These are some of the kids that receive the parcels that we send to them in Zimbabwe last month. And it brings me on to children.

Children are the future. And part of our authenticity is to focus on our future, focus on children. And I can hear and see many of them here today. We have something called the children’s health study. The children’s health study is a program that no other organization of our type has. The CHS is a program where we have over a million people involved in a survey, which is the most comprehensive survey about children’s health in the world. it’s something that we do. And we are promoting that, in the next six months, we will be pushing harder to introduce to you and explain to you the benefits of CHS to your business. We’ve done the statistics. If you work with CHS, you can earn as much as four times as much as you do with single product sales. So we want to bring this to you in more detail it’s about who we are, our authenticity.

Juice-Plus+ Authenticity

Juice Plus+ Authenticity

Juice Plus+ Quality

Quality. We are sure that when we release our products when we launch a new product, we have gone to extreme detail to ensure that every aspect of that product is leading-edge.

It means we can’t launch products in a few months like other companies. We take a lot of time to ensure that what we do is the cutting edge in the industry. Now sometimes it means that we have a little disagreement with the authorities like in Italy, where they didn’t want us to use raspberry seed oil. so we’ve delayed the launch of a meager until the spring. But we are doing this, we have to do this! We want to be leading-edge for this business! So our products are the best quality products that you can find. A little bit later today you’re going to have Manfred Lambrecht who’s going to be speaking to you today, he’s a director of clinical research and he’s going to tell you more information about, not just the products, but the fact that we have over 35 clinical research documents, which can be utilized and should be utilized more in the promotion of the products. It is something that we have that other companies just don’t have.


Dan holzmann Juice Plus products

Juice Plus+ Community

The community is all about you. Healthy living takes a lot more than a healthy body. It takes the community of like-minded friends with a common purpose and Juice Plus we believe in this extended community, not just the company, not just our partners, but outside. We believe in massive relationships between the company and yourselves, the franchise partners. We believe in relationships between yourself and your customer and the company and the customer. We are developing the systems and processes that we need to have in place to enable and ensure a better quality of the relationship between these parties.

Now events like this one are also the foundation of community. So the fact that we have over 3,000 people here today shows how important community is to our business. We had 4,500 people in Freiburg last month, that’s how important community is for our business. We’ve sold out all the tickets for our next event in Salzburg and our next event in Birmingham. The community is important! And we’re going to bring more of this to you. Our vice president of sales for Europe, Mr. Simon Bowler will be rolling out more corporate sponsors events during next year and that’s going to be something to, once again, strengthen the community of these three relationships within our business.


Juice-Plus+ Community

Something else that’s coming up for next year: We’re gonna have new influences joining our business: Digital influences, non-digital influences. We are going to ramp up a, let’s call it positive press or positive PR for our business going forward. Ensure there are a lot more people out there in the industry, outside of the industry talking about Juice Plus in a positive way. So next year is going to be our year from influences. And you’ll start to see these people joining our business. In fact, today we have one of the influences on stage later on.

Juice Plus+ Simplicity

Simplicity; one of our core beliefs. It is vital! What we say is, you share the mission that is Juice Plus and let us take care of everything else. We’re a growing business. We will always have little tweaks that we need to do. But we are building a fantastic professional team inside the Juice Plus company, of a level that we’ve never seen before, to ensure that we can deliver to you a lot more than you’ve ever had before: To make it simple. You share the Juice Plus mission and we’ll take care of everything else.

Juice Plus at your service. This is a great photograph. We took this in Poland in June. This is every employee of the Juice Plus company in Europe. We had a corporate event in Poland in June and all the members of the team came together so that we could get to know each other and foster that community that is Juice Plus. These people here are here for you. They want to hear from you if you have some issues. They want to hear from you if you are happy. It’s all about communicating with us. We are at your service and that includes me. I’m at your service! If you need me, I am there for you. That’s my email address. If you need to contact me, please feel free to reach out and we’re there for you.

Juice Plus+ Simplicity

Juice Plus+ Simplicity

That’s really the core that is Juice Plus. We’re based on these core beliefs. But Juice Plus has been growing phenomenally over the last four years. We have achieved an annual growth of around twenty-five percent a year for the last four years. So we are now in the top five in Europe in this business.

But that’s not enough! That’s not enough! We have a plan! We have a strategic plan

to take us to number one. But being, that we’re growing so fast, we have the ability to attract talent as we have never attracted before. And I have the privilege today to introduce to you one of the people who we’ve recently hired his name is Alexander Quello. Alexander is joining us as the director of legal & compliance. He has got some significant global experience in this area. As we all know, especially here in Italy and in Spain, we understand the importance of compliance to our business. Making sure that we protect the longevity of our company. So we want to change the way you see compliance, rather that we could have compliance being a policy of the organization, we’re gonna make compliance be far more communicative with you. If you need some help, they’ll help you. If you need some

training, they’re training you. So we have started this process of transition with the hiring of Mr. Alexander Quello, director of compliance and legal. I’d like to welcome him to the stage. Thank you very much!


Juice Plus

How Juice Plus affected the life of Mitra Ray?

December 17, 2018

How Juice Plus affected the life of Mitra Ray?

Bengalis are known for making lots and lots of vegetable dishes. We’re very proud of our recipes. My mother was a wonderful cook and a typical meal would be rice and five to six different vegetable preparations, and not only did she teach me how to cook, but of course, as a Bengali girl, I needed to learn how to make chai for my dad, because he would wake up on Sunday mornings and it was my job to bring him his cup of tea. One morning, he didn’t look right. My mother came in and we realized something was very wrong. Turned out he was having a heart attack.


How Juice Plus affected the life

A real story of Juice Plus

And as a twelve-year-old I became very curious about this incident and why my father went from one day being perfectly healthy to being in the emergency room. I decided to become educated about the body and ended up at Stanford Medical School where I got a PhD in biochemistry and became a rigorous scientist through my education at Stanford. But I had my own health challenges and what I found interesting is, that even though I was walking the halls with Nobel laureates, my own health challenges were not being managed by the current medical system effort. I used to run a lot and I was about five miles from campus. One day, my neck went into a spasm and that was the beginning of a series of spasms. Doctors told me I would have to just take lots of Ibuprofen, which gave me an ulcer ultimately and I realized that if my neck spasm would start then I would be laid up in bed, sometimes for days. By the time I was doing research at the University of Washington. I was seeing a physical therapist two to three times a week and I was spending hundreds of dollars that I really didn’t have as an academic. Trying to take care of my back, only to hover over a microscope and make it worse again and go back and see my physical therapist. And then somebody introduced me to a product called Juice Plus and I had been starting to juice at that time and so I immediately understood the possibilities behind this product. Because I was never able to take isolated vitamin supplements nor did I want to, didn’t make any sense to me. But this product caught my attention because it was a whole food based supplement.

Taking Juice Plus

When I started taking it, within six weeks or so my physical therapist asked me what I was doing differently because she said: I think you’re starting to heal. And I couldn’t think of anything initially but then it occurred to me that I’d been taking Juice Plus. I sent my technician to the library that very day with a list of 200 research papers on fruits and vegetables. She was asking me: Why are we looking at these papers now? I said: Because I want to learn more about fruit and vegetable nutrition. I was amazed here. I was writing grants for research to study that what I call now the chaos of disease. And I realized: Wait a minute, you can prevent all of this in the first place if people would just eat enough fruits and vegetables? That the body is absolutely positively designed to heal itself. They’ve given the right nutrients. I had eaten mostly a vegetarian diet growing up.


Taking Juice Plus

A simple way of living

And that simple way of living was the answer that we need to return to, and I felt like I had come full circle with Juice Plus and realizing lifestyle factors, simple factors, such as hydration and exercise and eating more fruits and vegetables is really what can keep us all healthy. And what could have prevented my father from having his heart attack? Now that I know what I know today, I feel compelled to share that with the world. Because I lost my father ultimately to his second heart attack just a few months prior to me having my first baby. He would have seen his first grandchild and he loved children. He so loved children, he would have loved to have been there for the birth of his first granddaughter. So, living life to the plus means not just existence, but really taking advantage of our time on this planet and exploring and expanding. So anybody who loves their life is someone who’s living life to the plus.


A simple way of living

Juice Plus

What Juice Plus can do?

December 10, 2018

What a change of diet with Juice Plus+ can do for you

The easiest change

In my medical practice, when I try to get my patients to make one simple change, I go right to diet. Because that is the simplest and quickest and easiest change to make. I encourage people when they make changes to their diet, they go slowly and gradually. We’re not talking about eliminating food groups radically, we’re talking about taking the dieting habits that they have now and modifying them a little bit. Examining what it is you are eating and see what it is you should cut back on, for example, the sugar-sweetened beverages and the artificially sweetened beverages are an easy way to start because they are absolutely not healthy.


What a change of diet with Juice Plus+ can do for you

Get rid of unhealthy things

Another simple change that people can make regarding diet nutrition is to look at what’s in the pantry and look at the unhealthy things. Read the labels and make a decision not to buy the least healthy thing that’s there next. And if you want a bonus one simple change, think outside the box, the real food diet you’re on doesn’t come in a box.


Juice Plus product

Keep it sustainable

Diet simply means what you eat that’s going to be a long-term proposition no matter how you dice it. You people can lose five to ten percent of their weight relatively quickly, but you know the statistics are really, really powerful in saying that ninety percent of those people that go on these radical diets, within four to five years they gain back the weight and many of them gain even more weight. So when we talk about diet, there’s a difference between the trendy diets and just making simple changes, to make a diet that is healthy for you and one that is sustainable.


What Juice Plus can do

One gentleman recently shared with me that he went on a juicing regimen for a while and he got great fantastic results. But then he couldn’t sustain it because it was just a lot of chopping, mopping, slopping, all of that. Then, when I told him about Juice Plus, he got on it and he was so relieved because it was so easy to do and he got similar if not better results with Juice Plus. In order to feel well, we all must eat well. Consistently, every single day, and that’s where the Juice Plus capsules come in to help fill in those gaps for when we’re not getting in our seven to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables every day that we’re supposed to.


What Juice Plus can do

Effects of changes

I love telling people to eat as much variety and color in their diet and that is why I love Juice Plus, to add that color on a daily basis. Because when you add all those plants to your body every single day, all those fruits and vegetables, it’s going to make you crave more fruits and vegetables. So Juice Plus is the most effective thing I have found to help a person make dietary changes for life.


Do it. Feel it. Crave it Juice plus and Dan holzmann effective products

December 4, 2018

One Simple Change with Physical Activity 

Do it. Feel it. Crave it.

David Phillips, MD (Sports Medicine)

The focus for so many people and exercising is indeed to try to lose weight, which is a good thing, but exercising of itself can be so beneficial in so many different ways. And it cracks me up because I’ll be driving to the gym myself in the parking lot. And the way people trying to get the closest spot to the door in the gym in the parking lot. So, what I encourage people, anywhere you’re going, park further away. It has two benefits: Number one, you’re gonna get more exercise. Number two, your car won’t get dinged. I really love the Juice Plus Complete and the Juice Plus capsules together. I have used the analogy that the Juice Plus Complete, which is a balanced shake mix connect as the gasoline that makes your engine run, it fuels your body. But equally as important are the Juice Plus capsules, because in the capsules you get all those tens of thousands of plant nutrients and I like to think of those plant nutrients as the oil that keeps your engine running. Because you can put all the gasoline that you want into a car and not change its oil and that car’s gonna run for a while, but eventually it starts to break down. Our bodies function in a very similar way, so I think it’s the combination of both of those by putting Juice Plus Complete into your diet and then putting the capsules into your diet is an unbeatable combination.

Michael Ewald, DC (Chiropractic Physician)

You know, relieving muscle and joint pain to improving bone density to improving the way you think, your attitude. And I have to tell you, I get frustrated with those folks that say, I just don’t have time. Everybody has 15 minutes a day where they could go out and take a walk, you just need some comfortable clothes and some shoes to wear.

Jan Roberto, MD (Family Medicine)

I’ve seen people that were depressed and not focused and they start exercising and of a sudden they start to look at life differently.

Valerie Miles, MD (Pediatrics)

One simple change with physical activity might be as simple as walking to the end of the driveway and back, and if that’s more than what you do on a daily basis, that’s incredible! That’s a success! The great thing about the Juice Plus capsules in helping people with physical activity is that the body absorbs the whole food nutrition so much better. Juice Plus Complete is a great addition to the Juice Plus capsules when we’re looking at physical activity, because while the capsules provide the micro nutrition that goes to every cell, the Juice Plus Complete shakes provide the macro nutrition.

Matt Brown, Jr., MD (Internal Medicine)

I mean, people kind of have this misunderstanding: That, well, if I’m tired already, that’s gonna make me more tired. It doesn’t! If you get physically acted and you’re fueling yourself right, you’re gonna have more energy.


Richard E. DuBois, MD (Internal Medicine)

It’s fascinating that exercise and diet are complementary. One depends really on the other. If you have poor nutrition, you’re not going to exercise well, and if you’re not exercising well, your nutrition is not going to do you as much good as if you are exercising, because your whole metabolism changes when there’s exercise, your whole metabolism changes when you’ve got good nutrition. So they’re synergistic, they work together.

Mitra Ray, PhD (Research Biochemist)

Most people don’t put what they’re eating as a priority to sustain that exercise regimen. Actually 80% of the equation is what you’re eating and how much produce you’re taking into your system and 20% of the health equation is your exercise regimen. Most people think it’s the other way around and that’s not really true.

Bill Sears, MD (Pediatrics)

Make that one simple change: I’m going to exercise 20 minutes a day for 30 days. And then you feel it: I feel more energy, my joints don’t hurt as much, I have more mental clarity, and then you crave it. That’s the pattern of this one simple change: Do it. Feel it. Crave it.