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What Juice Plus can do?

December 10, 2018

What a change of diet with Juice Plus+ can do for you

The easiest change

In my medical practice, when I try to get my patients to make one simple change, I go right to diet. Because that is the simplest and quickest and easiest change to make. I encourage people when they make changes to their diet, they go slowly and gradually. We’re not talking¬†about eliminating food groups radically, we’re talking about taking the dieting habits that they have now and modifying them a little bit. Examining what it is you are eating and see what it is you should cut back on, for example, the sugar-sweetened beverages and the artificially¬†sweetened beverages are an easy way to start because they are absolutely not healthy.


What a change of diet with Juice Plus+ can do for you

Get rid of unhealthy things

Another simple change that people can make regarding diet nutrition is to look at what’s in the pantry and look at the unhealthy things. Read the labels and make a decision not to buy the least healthy thing that’s there next. And if you want a bonus one simple change, think outside the box, the real food diet you’re on doesn’t come in a box.


Juice Plus product

Keep it sustainable

Diet simply means what you eat that’s going to be a long-term proposition no matter how you dice it. You people can lose five to ten percent of their weight relatively quickly, but you know the statistics are really, really powerful in saying that ninety percent of those people that go on these radical diets, within four to five years they gain back the weight and many of them gain even more weight. So when we talk about diet, there’s a difference between the trendy diets and just making simple changes, to make a diet that is healthy for you and one that is sustainable.


What Juice Plus can do

One gentleman recently shared with me that he went on a juicing regimen for a while and he got great fantastic results. But then he couldn’t sustain it because it was just a lot of chopping, mopping, slopping, all of that. Then, when I told him about Juice Plus, he got on it and he was so relieved because it was so easy to do and he got similar if not better results with Juice Plus. In order to feel well, we all must eat well. Consistently, every single day, and that’s where the Juice Plus capsules come in to help fill in those gaps for when we’re not getting in our seven to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables every day that we’re supposed to.


What Juice Plus can do

Effects of changes

I love telling people to eat as much variety and color in their diet and that is why I love Juice Plus, to add that color on a daily basis. Because when you add all those plants to your body every single day, all those fruits and vegetables, it’s going to make you crave more fruits and vegetables. So Juice Plus is the most effective thing I have found to help a person make dietary changes for life.

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