Where Dan Holzmann come from?

November 7, 2018

Where Dan Holzmann come from?

An inspirational speech! In this event, dan holzmann is talking about how hard it was when he started his business. What happened to him and what were his choices for the future.



Dan’s backstory

I mean, where I come from, many people think, you know, Dan is a businessman and you had always a great life and everything went great. I tell you one thing: I’m coming from an immigration background. My parents were Russian Hungarian. I grew up in a foreign country, you know, we didn’t speak the language. We moved when I was 9 to a new country. I had to learn the language. I was not accepted in school, I didn’t speak a word in German, I couldn’t react to anything, I couldn’t protect myself so I started to beat up the kids. I was 9 and the only thing I could do is I could let my fist speak. I was lucky I was like a head taller than most of the others, maybe I was a little bit unlucky because the guy I hit that laughed the most of me was the son of the teacher. That was very unlucky because they threw me out of the school. They threw me out of three schools.

My life was not so well like I planned it or my parents planned it. After three schools, I started to deliver Pizza. I worked many jobs so it’s not always easy and you were not born, as we say in Germany, with a golden spoon. Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes we are broke.

When Dan started Juice Plus

When I started with Juice Plus, it was like it came from the sky. It came almost from God. The possibilities that we had with Juice Plus, but we also had a tough time there. The first year with Juice Plus, about 25 years ago, we lost three Million before Juice Plus in the first year. I was broke, my family looked at me and said: Dan, you destroyed the family. We will never be able to pay this money back, never ever. You destroyed the family, the future. And I was like 23 years old and I thought: oh my God. And I remember I went to the office at that time and I couldn’t take it. I looked out the window and I thought maybe I should jump, but unfortunately, the office was on the second floor.

an inspirational speech by dan holzmann

So thought, okay, not having any penny and have it broken back is not going to help me. So I put all the things together and somehow we got out of this mud, we got out of that. It’s the first time in the company history that we paid the Commission five days later because I didn’t have the money to pay the Commission. I was on the floor, I was done, and that’s the good thing. This is why I can look into your eyes today. I know where you’re coming from.

I know what some of you are going through and it’s fine because I’ve been there too. So, what happened after? Juice Plus came, and we created one of the most successful company that Switzerland has ever seen. And the years to come, we turn around just in our group.

Unfortunately, Italy was not in that group and Spain either. We turned 1.4 Billion in sales with Juice Plus. My family came back to me and said: Dan, you did a great job, we always knew. You know how that is, you know how it is when the family turns against you. The toughest people to convince is your family, your brother. My sister is a nutritionist, I couldn’t convince her to take Juice Plus. I own this company I couldn’t convince my sister to take Juice Plus. I even told her I gotta give it to her for free, she doesn’t want it. So, you see how tough it is.

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